Reset creality cr-10 v3

my creality does not heat the hot end no more it say err;mintemp printer halted please reset. i look online and tryed to reset it by what said to do but it does not work and i treyed the you go to the screen and use intitialize erprom and that does not work so what can i do to get back to heating up the hot end, the bed heat up and does not kick it out but the nhot end does please help

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Sorry to hear that you are having trouble heating your extruder up. The most common thing that can cause this to happen is that your thermistor has died, the thermistor is responsible for reading the temperature of the hotend. So if your thermistor dies the printer thinks that the temperature should be going up but it isn’t, so it throws an error and stops heating.

The easiest way to fix this is just to replace the thermistor on your printer. We have a wide variety available here at 3D Printing Canada, I have linked one below which should work for you.

In order to install the new thermistor you will first need to take off the old one. There should be some sort of screw on the hotend that holds the thermistor in, you will need to unscrew this and then remove the old thermistor. Next you can open up the bottom of the printer where the control board is and unplug the old thermistor. Next you will need to take the old thermistor out from the cable sleeve (pro tip, if you tape the old thermistor cable to the new thermistor cable before removing it you can pull the new cable through the cable sleeve while removing the old one). Once the old cable has been removed and the new cable has been put through the cable sleeve you can plug it into the mainboard and screw it into the hotend. I have included a link to a good YouTube video below for you to view if you need more help.

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Hi Larry

Just wanted to clarify a couple of quick things. I know you are getting a mintemp error but can you let me know what you are seeing on the screen when you boot up the printer?

Specifically, I am wondering if you are seeing -14, positive 2000, or room temp. This tells us a lot about the source of the error.

When do you get the error message? When you are trying to preheat? when you are partways into a print?
Are you able to print for example PLA (lower temp) prints and get the error message when you are trying to print higher temp materials? ABS for example. The material is not important just wondering if it’s a temp-specific trigger for the error.

well i figure that part out but i am still have clogs in the heat sink between that hotend may be ording a new hotend because the 1 have now i had to drill out the small holes in the bottom of the heatsink because i could not find the screw that where made for it, so i could contact the hotend to the heatsink other that that the only problem i have now is print good for about a hour and then it’s starts to clog up got me stump for now

Usually, if you start clogging after a print is going for a bit I would look into the slicer side of things.

Assuming the hot end is put together and heat tightened I tend to look towards the slicer, Check things like temps and retraction settings.

would you mind sharing some specifics on your issue, Maybe pictures would help a lot to be able to see what you are describing.

We will get you up and running not an issue.