Resin Calibration test for mars 2?

hi guys,

looking around for a resin calibration test for the mars 2 mono/pro (same printer different acessories)

anyone know of one? currently using the last of my phrozen resin might have to pick up a new bottle soon new to monochrome screen.

i’ve heard as well i need a screen protector for phones to put over the screen, can anyone link me one? heard on that dosnt black uv light is best.


Hello OutRider5, Please Try this Test:

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Hi Outrider

I purchased these as screen protectors. In expensive security.

That’s cool, just cut to fit and place under the Vat?

Yes, it’s very inexpensive and piece of mind. Once you have had a FEP leak and had the carefully remove hard set resin from the screen. Cheap and simple

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