Resin cleaner for cleaning fdm build plate


I was wondering if anyone knows if it would be safe to use monocure resinAWAY to clean pei build sheets for fdm printers instead of isopropyl alcohol.

I have a ton of this stuff but no longer have a resin printer so Im wondering if I can get use out of it before I buy more isopropyl alcohol.



interesting question, I would try and clean glass with it, If it cleans glass without leaving a residue behind I would use it. If you have a residue left over would not.

I just took a look at the SDS ResinAway 3764/1

I would not. It is mostly anti freeze (propylene glycol) and
dipropylene glycol dimethyl ether which can be nasty off gassing. It is also a fire hazard, closely related to engine starters. I am not sure I would what either around a fdm 3d printer myself.

I had no idea it was actually flammable, I am so not a resin guy

I tried it on a piece of glass and it left a very greasy residue on the surface. Had to wash it multiple times with soap and water and some isopropyl alcohol to get the stuff completely off. Really glad I didn’t try this on my build plate.

Thank you both for your replies!