Resin is not curing at all

My printer has been working fine for months but now my resin isn’t curing at all(like nothing not even from a vat clean). I’m not too sure what could be failing I did just buy new resin and my fep isn’t too old either. If anyone could help me figure out the problem it would be much appreciated.

if the only thing that has changed is the new resin I would look at the curing times for the resin.

It’s possible you may be getting the screen to wear out but you would see gradual degradation of the quality over time. It does not appear this is what you are seeing in this case.

If you have any of your old working resin you can try a test print with it I would try that first and confirm the functionality of the printer is still there. Ideally, print something you have already printed with no issues. If that succeeds then I would look at the resin being the culprit.