Resin Print Not Sticking

I’m having an issue where prints on a large X/Y scale are not sticking to the print bed.
I’m using an Elegoo Saturn 3 Ultra, eSun red resin (Standard type), with the following settings in Voxeldance Tango:

  • Bottom Layer Count = 4
  • Bottom Exposure Time = 35 Secs.
  • Normal Layer Exposure = 2.5 Secs.
  • Layer Height = 0.05mm

I’ve tried cleaning and leveling the print bed, lubricating the FEP, multiple different exposure times on the bottom layer and nothing has worked so far. This only seems to occur with prints that cover a large X/Y scale, small prints have been perfect so far.

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How much surface area does your first layer cover?

I’ve had a similar issue remedied by changing the angle of the model a bit more and reducing the number of scaffolds/support bases touching the build plate.

It should be somewhere around 216mm on X, 115mm on Y, and about 100mm on Z.
I’m also printing the objects directly onto the build plate, since they have large flat surfaces without too much overhang, so they don’t require any scaffolds.

Just to clarify,

Is the part sticking and then warping off the bed? Or is it just not sticking to the bed at all?

Generally you don’t want to have large flat surfaces being pulled up off the build plate as it can cause warpage, so if you have a large flat surface it is recommended to put it at an angle. This will increase print time and material usage as it will require supports, but there will be much less surface area per layer which gives it a better chance of success.

If you need further explanation or any examples let me know, you are also free to send over your model and I can show you how I would orient it for the best chance of success.


Towards the back of the build plate, the model sticks and then warps off, while models toward front just don’t stick at all. The models are flat at their base and narrow in width. I could try putting them at an angle, as you suggested, and see how that goes.

I always put the models at a 45-degree angle to mitigate the suction force and extend the lifespan of the FEP film. If the model shapes a cup, I would add some holes for the same reason. Based on your parameters, only four bottom layers look a bit short to me. What is your printer?

Yeah definitely put that model at an angle,

As Tiago stated you want around a 30-45 degree angle off the build plate, and make sure to support the underside.

i have a problem with my saturn s -it will not print from chitubox comes up error --any ideals whats

What is the error message? I know that the Chitubox version must be compatible with your printer firmware. Did you check it?