Resin types - what's the deal?

Since we got onto a long topic comparing filaments from 3DPC I figured I would ask about resins.

I have been using Monocure Rapid Model and Rapid Tuff for the last year that I have been resin printing and haven’t tried any other brands.

I just plowed through a litre of Tuff trying to prototype a part and have noticed that 3DPC hasn’t really had much inventory of Monocure resin for a while now.
I was curious, is this a casualty of COVID related inventory and shipping issues or is the brand being phased out?

And a follow up question, does anybody have any insight of how Monocure compares to other brands? I’m looking for something that will be “good” for functional parts.
Not brittle
Good heat resistance
Low shrink

Out of complete ignorance I’d be happy to stick with Monocure since it is working but thought I’d see if I have been missing out on something. 3DRS?

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Monocure was my go to Resin for the longest time, that was until I needed strong, functioning parts. Now the resin you are able to use, depends on your printer. If you have a LCD screen you are limited to the types you can use. That being said, if you have a MONO screen printer the doors are wide open. For prints that needs to be EXTREMLY strong, my go to in Composite X by Liqcreate.

Liqcreate Composite-X is one of the stiffest and strongest material available in the market. It has a flexural modulus over 9000 MPa and a flexural strength of 150 – 170 MPa. The material can be used after UV-post curing, or the properties can be boosted with a thermal cure. This material has features like excellent chemical resistance, high strength and high stiffness.

The runner up would be 3DRS HARD.

Hard (Not Brittle), Multi-Purpose 3D Printing Resin. Solvent Resistant. Easily utilize 3DRS Hard with pre-supported models or auto-support features. 3DRS HARD offers AMAZING detail and printability with a perfect balance of properties which maintain shatter resistance.

**Tensile Strength: 9,553 (psi)
Shore D: 85
**elongation: 3-4%
**Shrink: 3.5%
**elastic Modulus: 497,500 (psi)

Hope this helps.


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That’s really helpful.
The Licreate stuff sounds great but is definitely a bit rich for my budget for what I’m currently printing

It’s good to hear that you’re impressed with the 3DRS Hard resin. I think I’ll have to give it a go.

One follow up question and a reason why I chose Monocure to begin with is about the shrink rate.
Monocure claims about 0.5%, which seams really low compared to the numbers I have seen from other brands. 3DRS Hard is 3.5%.
Have you noticed any difference between the brands in that regard? My concern is trying to make something that can stay fairly dimensionally accurate.


Anything I have printed with Monocure/3drs, shrinkage was never a question. If they shrank at all it went unnoticed. It also comes down to your curing times for the record.

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Thanks for the input.

I have been realizing that the post processing plays a big role in parts holding their shape.

I’m printing on an Ld-002H and using the Creality wash and cure station
Lately I have been doing about 5-7 minutes of wash in 99% isopropyl, then pulling it from the build plate and support removal, let it dry completely, then curing for 5-10 minutes. Usually 5 minutes on one side then flipping it and doing 5 more if the part still seems tacky.

I’m curious if that is drastically different than what you do or if you think that is a flawed process. It’s hard to find much info from people who aren’t just printing miniatures.


The Cleaning and Curing process is extremely important. Here’s how I do it. I rinse it by hand with our model wash, then put it in my cleaning station for 5 minutes (depending on resin type). I then rinse it in water using a brush. Then let the model DRY completely before curing. Place the model in my curing station 5 minutes a side, again depending on the resin and size of the model.

Hope this helps.


Is your cleaning station filled with isopropyl or model wash?

How do you decide which resin types go through the cleaning station? Specifically, I’m going to order some of the 3drs Hard, do you do that one?

Sorry to keep bugging you with questions but this is all very helpful information.


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Model wash, I find it cheaper and MUCH better then ISO.