Retraction settings for cr6 se

I’m having some stringing and afew other imperfections on a small print. I think it may be partly my retraction settings. I was just wondering what you other people use for retraction settings on the CR6 SE.

Hey Codyp I can’t speak directly to the CR6 but generally a Bowden is around 5-8mm remember this is only one factor play in the tube and speed can also effect stringing. The often over looked nozzle wear as well. I tend to print carbon and flake so brass nozzles wear fast. Really fast, I have by times replaced them every 12 hours of printing. Depending on material printing. All the settings in the world won’t help if the nozzle is oval or worn.

My rule of thumb is if you start getting stringing when you didn’t I change the nozzle first. Then goto settings.

Hello Cody,

On My CR-6 SE’s , I’m using:

White PTFE : 4.5mm @ 45mm/s
Capricorn TL ( Light Blue) 3.0mm @ 45mm/s

Ok thanks for the replies I’ll see what I can get figured out here.

I don’t specifically use the 6SE but usually I see when stringing starts to act up its a bowden fitting has gone bad or some movement in the Bowden track somewhere.

Most of my Bowden setups are around 3.5 to 4mm retraction, I also run my temps as low as will allow the filament to extrude.