Review: the peel 2-s 3d scanner – cost-effective full-color 3d scanning with a small part focus

Leveraging over ten years of R&D experience in 3D scanning, peel 3D once again targets the mid-range market with its latest handheld, full-color 3D scanner – the peel 2-S. Based on the company’s previously launched peel 2, which we reviewed just a few months ago, the peel 2-S has been revamped to optimize it for small and intricate part scanning, with a smaller field of view and resolutions of up to 0.1mm. Yes, the S stands for ‘small’.

Priced at a relatively affordable $7,890 ($8,090 from October 1st), the professional-grade 3D scanner is aimed at artists, designers, engineers, educational institutions, and anyone else looking to bridge cost-efficiency and performance in their 3D scanning projects. Much like the rest of peel 3D’s product portfolio, including the original peel 1, the peel 2-S is powered by electronics provider AMETEK and metrology specialist Creaform (peel 3D’s parent company).

It’s worth noting that there’s also a higher-performance version of the device called the peel 2 CAD-S ($10,090), which is more suited to hardcore reverse engineering projects. Designed to be fully compatible with most commonly available engineering CAD software, the CAD-S version enables users to export scans directly to various 3D environments without first requiring a third-party conversion program. For this review, we’ll be working with the base peel 2-S.