Revolutionizing 3D Printing: The New 6-Axis TIME Printer

10:57 am March 30, 2024 By Julian Horsey

A new 6-axis 3D printer has been developed called the TIME system or True Independent Multiple Extrusion, allows for independent operation of multiple tools across all three axes, enabling the simultaneous printing of different parts or the combination of various materials within a single print job. Thanks to this development the 3D printing world could be on the edge of a significant breakthrough, as the innovative machine offers unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in the printing process.

The video below provides valuable insights into the intriguing process of constructing a unique type of 3D printer equipped with 2 tools that operate independent of each other. This is distinct from an IDEX-system where independence is only granted in one axis, however, the TIME system is independent across all the axes.

Central to the functioning of the TIME system is a meticulously restructured grill plate base, deliberately designed to offer unparalleled stability and optimal heat distribution. Serving as the robust backbone of the printer’s complex structure, it ensures that every component functions in sync to deliver exceptional results reliably. The base has been attentively engineered to endure the rigors of ceaseless operation, assuring consistent performance even in the most challenging conditions.

Precision is paramount in 3D printing, and the TIME system delivers on this front with its integration of linear rails. These rails play a crucial role in facilitating smooth and accurate movement of the printer’s tools, enabling the creation of highly detailed and intricate objects. The development team has worked hard to ensure the linear rails are of top grade, ensuring the TIME system can operate with unrivaled precision.

The electronics of the TIME system are equally impressive and represent a significant milestone in the printer’s development. By ingeniously adapting the electronics from a standard grill plate and integrating them with components from reputable partners, the developers have generated a sophisticated motion system that uses a jet controller and tool boards. This state-of-the-art electronic configuration lets the printer to function with exceptional accuracy, paving the way for the production of complex, multi-material objects with ease.

Even though the TIME system indicates a substantial improvement in additive manufacturing, the development team recognizes that there are still challenges to tackle. A primary area of focus is enhancing print quality and system synchronization. The team is consistently working on refining these factors to ensure the TIME system delivers superior outcomes on a regular basis.

An additional area identified for potential improvements is the lack of a part cooling fan. The development team understands the significance of this feature and is considering methods to incorporate it into future versions of the TIME system. Addressing this matter will ensure the printer’s performance and reliability are further enhanced, making it an even more valuable tool for additive manufacturing.

The TIME system’s capability to independently move multiple tools along three axes is a game-changer in the realm of 3D printing. This distinctive characteristic uncovers a plethora of possibilities, making it possible to produce intricate, multi-substance items with unprecedented efficiency. The possible uses of this technology are broad, extending into sectors like aerospace, automotive, medical, and many more.

As the TIME system progressively refines and advances, it is evident that it will have a substantial influence on the molding of the future of additive manufacturing. The strategic incorporation of a modified grill plate base, a frame outfitted with linear rails, and superior electronics has culminated in a printer that is extending the limits of what is achievable in this field. While there are still obstacles to be faced, the most demanding elements of the project have been addressed, and the focus now shifts to honing this revolutionary technology for mainstream acceptance.

The debut of the TIME system signifies a new epoch in 3D printing, one that is set to radically alter the method we employ to conceive intricate, multi-substance objects. With its inventive design, superior electronics, and unparalleled accuracy, the TIME system is poised to become an invaluable asset for industries worldwide. As technology continues to mature and progress, we can anticipate witnessing even more remarkable application of this revolutionary 6-axis 3D printer.

Image Credit : Proper Printing

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