RH or LH BMG Extruder?

I have a question regarding the BMG extruder. For an original Ender 3, if I want to replace the extruder with a BMG without having to change the firmware or swap wires on the stepper plug, do I want a RH or LH BMG?

I believe this article should help you make a decision:

I think the mirrored version will probably work for you, but you might want to double check if the lever arm interferes with the lead screw. For the regular version, you can reverse the direction with the wires on the stepper plug. I know you mentioned not wanting to do that, but it might be your only option if you don’t want to mess with the firmware…

Thank you. That definitely makes things a lot clearer. The regular (or RH) version is what I would want for my ender 3 to avoid reversing the extruder direction.