Ribbon Cable adapter

I have had a touch screen die and looking to replace.
The original has a 40 pin ribbon cable that clamps on the back while the new one has 40 pins ( 2x20).
The ribbon cable is a bare end, no connector.
Is there an adapter for this?

I am a bit confused by your post. A picture of the new and old would help.

Ribbon cables are usually sold as just a cable the ends are bought separately. The manufacturer of the printer likely sells the correct cable as a single unit as well.

Photo’s in order.
Old Screen Ribbon c

![NewScreen|355x131]onnection. Ribbon End. New Screen pins.NewScreen
Do not know enough on connectors as to what can/cannot be done.

It’s a bit hard to judge from the photos, but is this basically the animal?:
There are other lengths available.

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Thanks People.
Looks like you have laid my fears to rest and that it may be a minor upgrade than a major one.

if its made I am sure there is an adapter for it. We don’t carry it at the store but I am sure something is out there.

Is this a change that you think would be common? in other words should I source an adapter to carry in store?

Thanks for the inquiry but I do not think it would be required.
You guys carry quite a bit of printing peripherals but do not need to be a one stop shop.

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Hey @3DMultiMaker

thanks for the cander, We do try to carry as much as we can but you are correct, there is only so much floor space.