Risky Overhang?


I have no clue if this is going to work but I’m too lazy to split my part into two pieces haha

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Well it’s generally pretty cheap to find out. :grinning:

I’d recommend a fairly large brim so you have enough plastic sticking to the bed to keep it in place (maybe 8-10mm and make it a couple layers thick). The hot end will try to move the piece more and more as you get higher up and without a good footprint the print will likely end in tears.

Hey Steve,

That’s really funny actually, my print did fail due to that concern, I decided it was way too risky and stopped being lazy and split the part.

Thanks for the advice, I’ll keep that in mind for future prints!

Well I think you quit too soon. Print it with PETG on a your PRUSA PEI build plate and it will stick like crazy.

Yeah, I was going to give it another go, but I realized that printing it in a flat orientation would be less risky and take less time actually

Maybe I am not understanding your object…
Why not just rotate it so that the majority is on the bed and the sides (in red) are just vertical then no supports needed.

Oh sorry I forgot context, my bed is too small so none of the orientations work other than that side up… My bigger printer is down for upgrades so I am unable to print anything over 180mm in any plane haha.

I haven’t tried this myself but you may want to try a few small triangle supports across the top span so that the total span is broken up into smaller pieces. I suspect the top span is too big. I tried a 3cm span and it worked but I think you are saying this span may be over 150mm since diagonal on the bed.

It really depends how good your cooling is. If you’re blasting a good bit of air behind the filament coming out of the extruder then you wouldn’t need supports. Most printers should handle this but if you see any drooping on the top then you’ll have no choice but to poke a few supports in there.