Robo3D R1+ Screen Upgrade Issue (Help Needed)

Hello, first time posting here and I was wondering if anyone could help me out. Id like to preface this by saying I am a novice, I don’t know much about 3D printing or printers. I do know how to use Arduino loosely.

I’ve had a Robo3D R1+ for some time now, works great, however, it must be tethered to a pc to print at all times. I decided to do some research and find that I can add a full graphics smart controller display. After some more research I decided to purchase one and now I’m having issue with it. let me explain the process, files and issues.

First off I purchased this screen and ramps connector off amazon. 12864 LCD Graphic Smart Display Controller

Then I did some research and found some firmware that I needed to upload to the Arduino. I tried two different version, these are the two.

First I tried this: Robo3d Firmware

Secondly I tried this: Found from a youtube video

The youtube video in question

Both versions were uploaded using Arduino 1.6.3, (since the updated Arduino shows errors)

My Robo3D R1+ has a Arduino Mega in it, and a Ramps board. I have verified that the Arduino is a Mega 2560. I wasn’t able to identify the ramps board visually, however, I did find a replacement that looks identical. Ramps Board

So now the issue I’m having.

The firmware upload went smoothly, the screen turned on and started showing graphics. I’m able to interact with the screen and move the printer around. Heat the bed, home, etc. All is well… Until you wait a few minutes (time frame varies on each test).

This is the outcome Screen issues

As you can see in the video the screen bugs out, flashes and has these stripes. The printer is no longer interactable. Cant do anything but shut it down and reboot. After reboot you have a few minutes before the same issues happens. Both firmware’s resulted in the same issue. I’ve bought two screens from amazon, both resulted in the same issue. (Both bought from the same supplier).

I’ve checked the cables, they’re plugged in properly, I’ve made sure the ramps board connector is seated properly. I’ve made sure the ramps board is seated properly into the Arduino. I’m out of idea on how to fix this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am a novice and don’t know much about these machines.