Sakata 3D PLA - black vs arctic silk


I’ve found that Sakata’s arctic silk filament works really well for what I like to print and I’ve dialled in my printer well for it but am looking at other colours.

Is the “silk” in the name indicate a special property of the material that, say, the “black PLA 850” doesn’t have? If anyone has used both and can comment, I’d appreciate it.

Silk metals contains metal particles to give it that anodized aluminum finish

Standard colour silk is usuaully cut with an additive to give it shine.

Sakata black 850 is made with Natureworks 850 pellets.

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Thanks Keith. I think the shine is nice but not certain it’s what is drawing me to the material. The sakata black 850 and Arctic silk seem to be both made from the same 850 pellets so will likely have similar printing settings? I know there can be variation within brands because of colours and other reasons, but it’s fair to reason that if I’ve had success with the article silk I’ll probably have similar success with the non-silk 850?

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Most silk filaments print at a lower temperature since the additives make it flow throw a nozzle like water. I would recommend performing a temp tower on the filament before starting because even different colours may require you to vary the temperature.