Sakata Magic Coal/ PLUS

Hello friends, I am here to ask your opinion on the Sakata Magic Coal PLA filament. The last time I bought this it was just called Sparkling Coal, and it was a bit underwhelming in terms of the amount of glitter in the filament as well as the base filament being very glossy which overshadowed the sparkles.

The MAGIC line seems to suggest that it is much sparklier, and also there is a normal and a PLUS version. I wanted to see if anyone knows anything more about them or has tried them.

Thanks and have a fantastic day!

I found my old order and it was named Magic as well. In which case, what is the difference between normal and PLUS?

I suggest emailing the manufacturer as they are more likely to have this info and respond. I believe they were one of a few companies that responded to me while I was searching for the perfect sparkle filament (still havent found any because prusament seems permanently out of stock)

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