Sample filaments

I am wanting to buy a small amount of filament, say 1/4 kg of three different colors. Does anyone sell that small amounts? I know there is a monthly subscription service, but this is a one time project. I already have a spool to put it on.

I take it these colours must be rather exotic, such that you won’t use them again elsewhere?

If you look at, you can find multiple packs of filament intended for 3D Pens. I’m pretty sure, though, that the amount of each colour will be less 250g. Then again, you could buy several of one colour and just feed them in one after the other as they run out.

Thanks, I didn’t consider 3D pen material. Yes, I don’t anticipate using them again.

Sample filaments (not 3d pen lengths) are often 100-50 gm. Enough for a small thing like a makers coin not much else. Some are around 10m depending.