Saturn 2 Print failure

My Saturn 2 keeps having issues. I haven’t got it to stick to the bed yet. I’ve sanded it, and increased the exposure time. I’m new to resin printing so I’m not sure what else to do

HI Lucas, Good to see you again.

As most of the people here will know I am not a resin guy but I can give you a few pointers until some of the more experienced guys can jump in.

May I ask what type of resin you are using? and have you ever gotten a successful print wth it?

Have you first tried an exposure test to verify your screen is working 100%
Have you shaken the resin well before printing?
Do you have access to a different resin? Maybe a different resin may give different results?

I know I shouldn’t but I have to ask, Please don’t hate me.
Have you levelled the build plate using the manufactures instructions?

I know someone else will jump in but wanted to get you going on some troubleshooting.
Maybe @chris.p or @Sam can jump in here when they have a moment.

Thanks, it’s good to be back.

I am using Elegoo’s 8K Water-Washable Photopolymer Resin Space Grey and know I have not got a successful print yet

I have done the exposure test and have shaken the resin before printing
I currently don’t have access to a different resin

And yes I have leveled the bed once with the manufacturers leveling card and once with a piece of paper.

My gut reaction is it may be a resin issue, there is so little on the resin printers to break.

not saying that’s the solution but just my gut, for now.

Have to check the manufacture of the resin and see if they have settings for that printer?

Could you post an image of the type of failures your experiencing. I’m more curious about at what time the print fails and if there’s anything left on the build plate at all. Also, if it’s stuck to the fep sheet, could you double check to see if the thickness is different in certain areas. This should help narrow down the causes.

Nothing is stuck on the build plate it all sticks to the fep

Are there variations in the thickness of the parts that have stuck to the fep sheet?

They are the exact same

Could you post a picture of the supports that you have for your print?

The following are variable to take into consideration.

  • recommended printing temperature for resin (this is very important, especially in colder or humid climates)
  • Levelling
  • Quality of resin
  • slicer compiling errors
  • model setup errors
  • Corrupted USB stick

The more information we have, the better we can try and find out what is occurring for your specific use case. Having pictures of what you’re experiencing can greatly help to diagnose these issues.

I’m printing the test print which comes with the Saturn 2 which doesn’t have any supports
This an example I found online of it

The resin is elegoos water washable 8k resin

The recommended printing temp is 25-30c

The file came right off the usb stick that came with the printer

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Try reducing the print lift speed. It looks like it delaminated, so that might help slightly. Also, is the temperature that your machine is working in within the proper temperature range? This can often cause print failures similar to what you’re experiencing.

Clean off the parts that did print and keep these as a reference to check for improvements as the settings get tweaked. I tape these to a piece of paper and normally mark down the changes I made to keep track of these as I go. It gives me a visual reference of what was changed and what the results were afterwards.

Elegoo normally provides the original file, so bring that into the slicer and try checking it in preview mode to see what settings might have been used or if there was an issue with the sliced file. Afterwards, reload this same file in a separate slicer to once again check the file for usual layer gaps. This will allow us to check for two things. See if the file might have been corrupted or whether isn’t sliced properly. If you’re able to see the initial print settings, then you’ll also have a baseline to compare to the recommended settings for that particular resin. Most companies use a generic resin profile for their pre-sliced files so it may not be appropriate for that particular resin.

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I’m pretty sure that it’s the temperature. I’ll tell you tomorrow

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So I brought a heater into the room and it didn’t solve the issue so I will start playing with the settings

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I’m crossing my fingers’ for you. Keep the heater in the room though because it can take a while for the whole room to heat up as well as the liquid within it.

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