Say hello to Marvin

This is my articulate cuttlefish ive named Marvin. Printed with PLA from 3D printing Canada, on my AdimLab Gantry-S

Its one of my early prints and is one of my favourites ive done so far :smiley:


Hey Marvin

Glad to see you here!

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Yupp, having the app helps me keep up with this forum. Plus i want to try and both learn what i can and help those having trouble. The other forum im active in is really positive and i want to help spread that positivity. :slight_smile:

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that’s awesome Marvin, thanks for bringing the good vibes

Hey Marvin, say hi to Norbert


your growing a whole family there,

I have to remember to block my kids from the space, Ill be printing alot of stuff from there…

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Hello Norbert :smiley:

I love printing these articulated guys too. :slight_smile:

They are a lot of fun for sure, I have 6 all in different colours bur my kids have adopted all except for Norbert

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The first 1 i printed i did with colour changing filament which turned out really cool. It goes from purple to pink when it warms up.

He looks maniacally depressed.

I really need to try one of these prints.

@J3ttamaster initally i needed to print them on rafts, but have had better success latley without a raft or brim.

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