Screw sizes Cr10s pro

I’ve lost the two screws that hold the fan cover on (cr10s pro). Does anyone know the replacement size?

Specifically what fan screws? I could probabily tell you if you can post a picture.

You know, that’s something that 3DPC should sell; a metric bolt and nut kit. Unfortunately, when I had to replace some several months ago, I had to go to Amazon for an assortment.

Search Amazon for “Metric Screw Kit”. This is the one I ended up buying:

I realise buying an entire kit to replace 2 screws is overkill but I figured it was only a matter of time before I added a Raspberry Pi (for Octoprint) and camera, some storage bins for assorted parts, etc. etc., so in the end I’ve used quite a few of them for various things beyond the replacing the one I lost.

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I see that 3DPC does sell nuts and bolts, trying to find M3 bolts locally is an arduous task.

They do sell Metric bolts, but you have to know what size you’re looking for, be willing to pay for shipping, or make the minimum $125 purchase, and then wait a day or two (depending on timing) for them to arrive. After I purchased my bolt kit, I parted it out into a larger parts organiser, then I use 3DPC to re-fill the bins as they go empty, fill in sizes the kit doesn’t have, add black anodised bolts, add Nylon lock nuts, etc., when I purchase a minimum order (or close to it) of filament.

I would rather have parts on-hand for the printer or any other project than have to order as I go.

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That maybe my plan moving forward. just browsing online to find the best deal. 125 buck is the minimum purchase for shipping, I was wondering what that number was this morning.

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[quote=“Jarubell, post:6, topic:3651”]
125 buck is the minimum purchase for shipping
[/quote]It’s not so bad if you’re purchasing 3 or 4 rolls of filament at the same time.

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And a runout sensor! This time I should be able to hit that with a few rolls of petg, runout sensor, new bordon tube and fittings. Got to keep Jason busy!

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