SD card failure in Ender3

Ok I found the right spot to start a topic,
So my SD card on the Ender3 sees the card on the first screen, but when I go to the next screen it says no TF card. Any ideas, thanks

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Someone with an Ender 3 might be better able to give you a definitive answer as to what the maximum size of SD card can be read by the Ender 3. SD cards are flaky things in my experience.

Try an SD card that is 16GB or smaller. Format it to Fat32 and verify you can write a file to it on a computer. Then try it on the Ender 3.

The SD card holder has a small switch in it that tells the controller that there is an SD card inserted, but if the file system is the wrong format or the card is larger then the controller is capable of reading, it will detect the card, but not be able to read it. That’s why one part of the Ender’s firmware is telling you there is a card inserted but another part of the firmware is telling you there is no SD card there. What it really means is, it can’t read it.


I can’t speak for the ender my sidewinder does that on occasion. It will see the card then will not access it. It is odd and off and on behavior. I found reformatting the card helped resolve this. I found a card that did work then did not work or was flaky after a while. The constant pulling an active card can be hard on the directory depending what is happening when it is pulled. Formatting it and replacing the directories ect. resolved this. That said My monoprice developed a bum port and corrupted every card plugged into it. I had to replace the port.

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What size card are you trying to use?
Did you try refomatting the card?
Also have to watch file names, some boards don’t like long file names and don’t use special characters or (_) under scores.

It is a 32 GB. I installed the g-code to the card and it showed up on the printer.
Name was short. What happen was this, The machine was in the middle of a print and stopped. The screen was completely blue. I powered off and removed the power cord. After a few minutes I’ve restarted and the screen says a card has been inserted. I went to the next page and selected the TF card and pressed the print file. After it heats back up it would go through the process and stop in the middle of the bed and shut down. When restarting the print, the page that has the TF card says there is no TF card even though it is in its slot.

Hmmm. Is the SD card still readable on a computer?

If so, take the gcode file from the computer and save it to the SD card under a new name without first removing the old file. I suggest this in case there is a portion of the old gcode file sitting on a bad section of the SD card. Writing a new file with a different name without removing the old one will mean such a defective spot will not get used again. See if the new gcode file prints properly.

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The computer will not read the SD card. The card will not format. I’ve bought a new card this one is 32gb. After inserting the card in the printer, it says there is no TF card. After restarting the machine a couple times it read the file, then would shut down after heating.

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There are a lot of grey market cards out there. Most are junk. If you didn’t stick to a name brand one. That card is pooched. Pick up a new one. Sandisk, lexar, delkin, pny, transcend, or Kingston. I have owned one or more of them all I have rarely had a card fail. I have been shooting pro digital for 20 years. Grey market cheap cards are not worth the frustration.

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i got a Lexar and it does the same thing. But now my machine menu is all blue and does not show anything. I think there is something internal with the machine. Its a shame, I don’t use this that much and it seems to be always having issues.

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Inherent problem, 3d printing is divided into two groups loosely. The people that the Printer is the hobby and those that Printing is. You you end up with a printer intended for printer hobby (Creality) you will be frustrated, if all you wanted is a reliable printer. My Monoprice and my Prusa are both basically stock (Prusa is stock Monoprice is almost) they are both reliable and consistent. The Sidewinder and Tiko neither are stock and the sidewinder is almost 100% rebuilt, re designed, I have spent more time working on the printer than printing.

Thanks, It’s funny you mentioned Prusa, I had just bought one and am in the middle of putting it all together. I did a lot of searching and got a lot of good reviews, so I bit the bullet and ordered one. Can’t wait to get this up and running.
As for the Ender3 I will be sending it in for a check up.

I really enjoyed assembling mine. Such amazing instructions. It has been rock solid. mine is all stock, the one mod I tried I decided it made it worse are went back to stock. I have no regrets at all.

Do you know if they make a larger bed size?

There has been rumors of a prusa XL for ages. It is said to be a core XY with a tool changer. It is not announced yet.

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