SD Card issues Mid Print

After five years of printing on a CR10s I’ve traded up to a new CR10 Smart Pro, purchased here at 3D Printing Canada. I’ve only had it for a week or so now but I have an issue that is baffling me and wondering if this has happened to anyone else with this machine.

Mid-print, the printer will stop (hot-end and bed remain at the set temperature) and the display will show me this (see picture). The only way forward from this is to pop out the SD Card, reinsert it, and select “YES” and it goes on its merry way as if nothing happened. The print head does not retract and stays right where it failed, oozing the filament out.

I’ve tried two different SD Cards (as well as the one that came with the machine) and two MicroSDs in an SD adapter and got the same results randomly during a print. Sometimes more than once in a single print. The card is properly seated and doesn’t ‘feel’ loose. I’m really concerned about printing overnight because the temperatures on the hot end and bed stay at the printing temperature without a retraction due to this error or a cool down.

What’s going on?

Have you tried a difference slicer, some times they do weird things for no reason.