SD CARD lost in slot - no way to EJECT!

I just finished assembling my Ender-5+ and ASSUMED that the SD card sent with the printer would have a ‘beginning’ file on it.

I inserted it into the slot and the screen showed five items all blank. So, I tried to EJECT the SD card and it isn’t there. I’m assuming that it dropped down into the control box somewhere.

Has anyone had experience with this? How do I get it back out - or do I need to get it out? Can I simply use the supplied USB cable with a Thumb Drive to port files to the Printer?

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It sounds like the SD card may have dropped inside the lower case of the printer.

You can easily remove the lower cover and retrieve your SD card. Think its 6 hex screws to remove. Sometimes the slots are a little large and do allow for the SD card to drop inside. While you have it apart use a hot melt glue gun and just put a little glue between the SD card and the case to prevent it from happening again.


O.K., I’ll check into that and try and retrieve it. But, shouldn’t this kind of ‘seat’ in the slot when pushed in and then, when pushed again, ‘un-seat’ and eject enough that you can grab it and retrieve it?

yes absolutely you are correct,

Most commonly, usually I miss the reader altogether and drop it in the bottom case. It should “click” to hold it in and “click” to get it back out.

Only other option is if the SD card is put in upside down and breaks the slot, Only way to fix that is replace the mainboard.

Will hooking up the USB cable allow me to port files to the system from a Thumb Drive? (corrected)

Another “future” option is to get an adapter that plugs into the SD slot and has a cable that runs to a SD card reader and then print out a case to hold it in place. If you use the printer SD card reader a lot it can fail from use over time and one of these adapters will prevent that. It saves your motherboard from damage and replacement. This will also prevent your problem from happening again.

These pic are of this mod on my Ender 3V2

that happened to my ender 5 pro lol. just take the bottom panel off and find it!

cannot find the exact one I use but its similar to this

Thanks, Jason! Got it and will pull the panel today to retrieve the SD Card from the box and see if I can get it working. Plus, I’ll try and get it made.
I appreciate all your help.

No Problem, Anytime

I thought I’d catch everyone up on the SD Slot problem on the Ender 5+ Printer. The slot view by the user shows just a black hole for the SD Card. That really is a ‘black hole’ as the card just drops into the control box. I removed the bottom panel, found my card, and, as suggested, used a very small pointed tool and filled the space between the actual SD Reader and the frame so the card could not be inserted into that ‘black hole’ again. I’m letting the glue set up for a couple of hours even though the package said quick drying.

Thanks to all who commented on this! See the photo below.


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holy that gap is bigger than my ender 5s gap. maybe see if you can make a spacer that makes the main board lower/higher than it is now.

The Card Reader will accept the SD Card O.K. - It is that you have to have your head lower than the SD SLOT to actually see that it is open there. Just leaning over it still looks like a Black Hole in there. I’m going to make or get an extension for it anyway but it really ticks me off that this is all but ancient technology and the system just guides you to that hole. Pretty crummy assembly/quality inspection going on there. I’m pissed that it is on a brand new machine!

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Hi @JayGee59,

I agree sometimes the tolerances are not where they should be, Personally, I wish they would use Full-size SD cards, Lost count of how many I have dropped cause I have chubby fingers. A USB port would be even better, then you can choose what you want to use.

It seems they are going back to full sized cards. A full sized SD card adapter that fits a micro SD card slot is available.

don’t think I am the only one dropping tiny cards… LOL