SD cards are over 20 years old now :0

I found an interesting article regarding sd cards. Its not exactly 3d printing news, but we do use them in 3d printing.


Personally, I hate these things. Especially the micro SD card. I suppose it’s a good thing for phones, or an application where you put it in and leave it in for an extended period, but for frequent use as with 3D printing or Raspberry PIs, not being able to label them is infuriating.


2X my world runs on SD and QXD. I dislike the SD the first time I was in a rush juggling too many things and bent one. I so prefer QXD faster and bigger easier to handle. Sadly costly too.

Sd is so bloody complex. Sd, Sdhc, sdxc, assd, tsdio, sdio, TF and TfC. Its bonkers.

Although out of curiosity has anyone tried a ISDIO card in a printer? I don’t have any. They are the wifi SD cards.

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I’ve converted most of my PIs (the ones running OctoPrint anyway) to NetBoot at this point to get away from SD cards in them. Wasn’t fun to set it all up, but seems to work well.

Wow, that’s crazy. I feel really old!