Seeking Chiron Hotend Wire Harness


I have a Anycubic Chiron that the hotend to the main board wire harness failed. I am getting TO failure etc. I am assuming there is a cut somewhere in the line… it seems this wire harness is had to find, anycubic hasnt reponded to my email. Just looking to replace the cable and hoping someone can point me in the right direction. Does anyone know where I can find a 3rd party cable.



I can’t help you with the cable, but before you go spending the money on a propriety cable harness, would check that the thermistor is not damaged. You would have to actually measure it at the hot end as measuring at the end of the cable won’t actually tell you if there’s a break in the cable, a failure in a connector, or a failed thermistor. The thermistor is the cheapest part to replace.

I’m focusing on the thermistor because I’m interpreting your statement “I am getting TO failure” to mean either Temperature Output or T0 (zero) which would suggest the thermistor is indicating a temperature of 0 Celsius. If you meant something else by that, disregard what I’ve said.

I appreciate the suggestion but I think if more and more its the cable… the fan stop working and the x-axis return stop responding, when I tug on the cable… it goes on and off…

yet I will look at the thermistor… just in case