Selling my cr10s pro v1/2


As the title says im selling my cr10s pro v1, which ive upgraded to v2 plus some extras. All is working, just need to sell it as its purpose is now filled with a ender 5 plus and i need the room.

I still have the original v1 parts and inductive sensor which will be included, aswell as the stock glass/aluminum removable beds. Currently it has a spring steel sheet installed which will also be included. There is also a spare sheet or 2 that will also be included though 1 of them is a little muckked up.

The hotend was changed to a v6 clone but will include the original plus i believe some spare original hotends (was cheaper to have spares than deal with some issues/flaws related to the stock nozzles though havent really looked at them since going to the v6).

Ive also done some small QoL upgrades, like a micro sd card extender for easier screen update and for the side card reader. A on/off switch guard, filament guide roller, v6 carriage and bl touch printed brsckets.

Firmware has been updated to tiny machines though off hand i dont recall the specific version.

I bought it used here maybe about 2 years ago, and its been printing quite successfully in that time. It was successful at printing me 2 mandalorian helmets wich each took 5 days to print and turned out ok.

Im located in the GTA area, and can consider meeting up within about an hours or so drive from where i am.

Ill also be posting this in a few other places but if the ad is still up its still for sale.

All in im asking $450 obo.

Pictures can be available, currently havent had the time to take good ones, but like i said it all works.