Settings for 3D printer, using PLA that work best

New to this forum, have 3D printed for a couple years as hobby but still learning. I have been using PLA and last week decided that I wanted to add a Direct Drive and try using TPU. I haven’t got that to work yet but I need to reinstall the settings for the PLA and print something. I don’t remember my old settings for PLA.
Asking for someone to tell me the settings work best. I’m using a basic Ender 3.
Also, which do you like the best Cura or Creality Slicer?

I don’t know how this will work for you but these are my basic PLA settings.

First layer hot end 220 C, bed 70 C. Initial layer speed is 20 mm/sec. Initial layer line width is 125%

The print temp. is 210 C for the hotend and 50 C on the bed. Layer speed is 50 mm/sec

Travel speed is 150 mm/sec

This is on glass and glue

Hi @FatPoppy45

Welcome to forum. I would suggest you try Filament Friday’s profiles for Cura. It works on my cr10s pro and Cura 5.3 slicer. Very happy with the results


Thanks for the reply Loosenut, I will try to interpret and try them.

Thanks for the reply Joehunt. I have used Cura a few times, have been using Creality mainly because it seems a little more simple. I have had hopes of learning Cura and switching, maybe this will be a good time to do so. I have seen the 5.0 video but not the 5.3 one. I will try to find and take notes, thanks again.

If you use the stock Cura settings on current version you will be OK. Tweak them if/as necessary.

No worries, it would take sometime to get use to the wide range of settings available in Cura. The interface is much more friendly now… slowly learn by tweaking and checking the preview layers… after few prints you should be able to know what settings works best for your part and type of filament