Sharing a customer success story - supporting a local company to re-design and replace a hard-to-find part

We would like to share a recent project where we supported a Canadian construction company solve an issue they were having with sourcing replacement parts that were breaking due to the harsh operating conditions in their field equipment.

Ledcor is an integrated construction company with operations across North America. As part of their regular operations they treat roads with calcium chloride for dust control and various other purposes. This process involves the use of ball valves to control the flow of the solution.

A number of their valves were damaged beyond repair and needed to be replaced. After making exhaustive attempts to source new valves through their traditional suppliers they were faced with a six month or greater lead-time for delivery. This put their operations in an untenable situation of potentially being shut down for a significant period of time due to a relatively inexpensive part.

Ledcor approached Tempus 3D for a local manufacturing solution. Their requirements included upgrades to the performance of the part and a tight timeline for delivery.

Tempus collaborated with their innovation team to re-design the ball valve to address the critical failure points, design and test a prototype, and deliver a working solution within the specified time frame using Nylon 12 and HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology.

You can read the full article to learn more.

Thank you Ledcor for allowing us to support you in this project!


that’s amazing, Another instance of 3d printing making things better.