Shark Aero Aircraft STL

My first post to this group.
I’ve just started printing the Shark Aero which is a scaled down version of a full size aircraft.
I used the Gcode and only modified the temp to 206 from 230. So far I’m super impressed with how it’s printing.

Here’s the file location.



Welcome to the forum!

Very cool!
I was considering printing a model aircraft for father days and this told me to do it! I just have to hunt down the right files now.

This isn’t a RC plane right? I’ve heard of some people using a lightweight PLA for RC plane parts, I’m super curious about the lightweight PLA’s and how they hold up.

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It is an RC plane for sure. I’m using the standard white Value PLA. So far it looks good. I should weight individual pieces to compare.

Shark Aero RC

hi, @Elbowrust Welcome to the forum, Glad to see you here.

Make sure you post after it flies and let us know how it goes.

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Looks great!! I should make one too. once I’m done these 3D Print Lab ones.
The pocket book is sore when I buy Motors and batteries, lol

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Thank you.
I will post for sure.

The 3D Print Labs ones look good too. I hear you on the motors and batteries.