Shaun the sheep

Ok so i have been trying to print this

Could anyone tell me the correct orientation please or load it into your cua and correct it then send me the file ? Eternally grateful.

A novice on Ender 3

Just looking from my phone, but im guessing the toilet paper holder part is giving you issues.

Have you tried printing it vertically?

The feet should be oriented as the picture is.

The face you want to print flat with the nose likley looking up.

Was that how you oriented it?

Thanks for the reply i will have another look

Yes I would lay the head down flat on the build plate so that the nose is sticking up, each of the legs I would orient as they have them in the picture, and then I would orient the base vertically so that it make proper contact with the build plate.

If you would like pictures of how I would orient it just let me know and I am more than happy to send those over!



Thank you yes that would be great.


Hopefully these will help, if you want any more explanation for any of them just let me know!

Thank you i will try tomorrow

Perfect, let me know how it goes!

It worked a treat, thanks so much. I just need to fit it together, then add a loo roll! I will post a pic later.

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I am excited to see the pictures!!!

Figuring out how to orient things is part of the battle. Slant3d YouTube has some interesting topics that surround this. Not directly but it does lend insight to some how’s and why’s. It might be useful to you. Or interesting.

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