Shipping cost CA-CHING

Most of the Filament I buy from 3DPC (my go to supplier) cost about $25/27. Shipping cost was about $9 to where I live. About 40%. OK higher then I would like but that’s what it is. I went to order a roll today $27.95 and the shipping is now almost $18 or 65%. That is a pretty large increase. So what is happening.

haven’t ordered in a while, but you are right.
May be cheaper for me to drive both ways (uphill both ways) than to have anything shipped.

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hey @Loosenut

I know shipping has gone up again and the US dollar is taking a serious impact. Last year it cost us $9 to ship a package to Toronto. (about 60K) today we are shipping the same package and it costs us $16. I know it’s brutal, we try to keep the prices as down as we can but some costs we just cannot absorb.

I will ask Chris to double-check his numbers but honestly, Shipping companies are just giving it to us lately. Shipping from china has finally started to come down and local shipping costs are going up.

Personally, I found it hard to believe they went that high but I looked at the comparison myself, Same package 2 rolls of filament is what we gauge a lot on.