Should I convert from 1.75mm filiment to 2.85mm?

Below is an excerpt from the Modix website in regards to the filament changeover.

Converting to 2.85 or 3mm Filament

In general, we do not recommend upgrading to 2.85 or 3 mm filament, as you can print significantly faster with 1.75 mm filament over 2.85/3 mm filament. For 1.75 mm filament, the maximum flow rate with the E3D Volcano hotend is around 30 to 35 mm^3/sec. Withe 2.85/3 mm this drops to around 15 to 20 mm^3/sec.

That means that if you print with a 0.8mm nozzle at 0.6mm layer height, you can print this at 60mm/sec with 1.75mm filament, but need to drop down 40mm/sec for 2.85mm

0.80.660 = 28.8 mm^3/sec

0.80.640 = 19.2 mm^3/sec

Advantages of 1.75 mm

  • Higher maximum flow rate as 1.75 mm offers a better surface-to-core ratio.
  • 1.75mm filament is more flexible and therefore easier for the extruder to pull it through the PTFE tube during printing.
  • Larger variety of materials as the 1.75 mm is the market standard.

Advantages of 3 mm Filament (2.85 mm)

  • Degrades slower in very humid environments as it gets less moisture inside compared to 1.75mm due to the lower surface area
  • Flexible filaments are easier to print with

The Titan Aero extruder is universal and can work with both 3 and 1.75 mm filament. By default, it comes with a 2.85mm guide tube as well but several other parts of the extruder need to be swapped out for it to properly function

The guiding PTFE tubes need to have an inner diameter of 4mm and an outer diameter of 6mm so that you do not increase friction on the filament pathing

Pay attention to the E3D website for the right choice of nozzles and other items.

Please find the links to the E3D online shop below for the parts you need to swap out:

Pay attention to the E3D website for the right choice of nozzles and other items!

Please look at the E3D reseller map for official E3D resellers closer to you: Resellers – E3D Online

By the looks.of the prices we should have a machine that stretches the filament into 1.75 heh

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