Show your 3D Printing Space

Here’s my workspace.
Labists ET4 w/ANET Pro silent motherboard
And my Creality CR-10 V3
And a Nest Cam to keep an eye on things
Phillips Hue Smart outlets for remote emergency shut down




Wow! You can see your desktop! Too embarrassed to post mine.

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It’s a bit messy and cramped, but here is where my CR10v3 and its little brother (ender 3) live.

Everything is setup on Octoprint and with smart plugs.


My Workplace


I picked up a Ender 5 Pro a few months ago and it has honestly exceeded my expectations.
Mind you, I grabbed the Wham Bam PEX kit to start and did it ever save me hours upon hours of beginner mistakes. The Ender 5 Pro stock build surface is ok, but not nearly as reliable as the Wham Bam PEX surface sheet.

PRO 5 Prints fast too! 100-120mm/s, maybe even more.

I stashed it in a corner of my basement near the work table.

Here are the changes made from stock:

Heat Bed Supports
Bed cable support
Rear LCD Cover
Spool Clamp
Hot End Fan printed mod
Tools Holder
Filament motor indicator Wheel

Octoprint - complete print management from my phone or PC. LOVE IT!

Logitech Circle 2 - secondary video feed to my phone at 1080P.
Had an extra, I figured… why not!

Articulating ball and socket arm to support Logitech Webcam during time-lapse recording.

Raspberry Pi - OctoPrint *fav upgrade *
Store bought case, cooled by a fan from fitness bike, powered by 5v USB via Pi USB port.

Octoprint screen shots


LED kit for Hot End and Frame
Energy efficient and bright.

Highly recommended upgrade as well.


Hehe mine is so small and disorganized lol.
I’ve crammed so much into a small area. Lol

The garage has all my other stuff, but it’s a disaster right now and I’m coming off night shift so I am NOT cleaning it today

My mess of many printers


Looks like I need more printers…

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Haha how many do you have? I got 7 ish I’ve lost count

Yeah, that’s what I mean! I have just one…and machine envy…

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Yea I mean I have 3 that can print rn out of all 7 and a half, I have many part printers, the destroyed one for parts, the one that needs a hotend and main board, the one that’s z axis snapped in half, the one needs a limit switch, aauahh soo many things to do :upside_down_face:

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I hear you on that! I’ve gotta up my machine game…

Honestly though, I’d like 2 more .


I just added a resin printer (creality ld002h) and a wash and cure station to make my space a bit more cramped and somehow messier.

I still have to figure out some filtering/ventilation for it…

Uploading: 20210223_172021_HDR.jpg…

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