Sidewinder quality control

The saga continues. The BL touch just stopped glowing during a print, right in the middle. After it was done I tried a little calibration cube. No light and no BL touch. I disassembled the hot end again and discovered the LED connector was no longer attached to the board completely.

Order board, back ordered. pulled the trigger on a new complete extruder. Hopefully that will solve if the stepper is over heating… don’t burst my bubble. It just just arrived (Thanks 3dpc that was fast!)

WHOA it is a night and day difference. The connectors are actually touching the board! They are not corked and actually the right ones. no Dupont glued into a JSTvh.

I will tell artillery tech support this when I hear back it has only been since 15 of February, be patient…

Quality control is not awesome.

Sounds like early vs mature issues. Ia the bltouch working again?

Mine is a V4. It feels like they use whatever when they are low. I don’t know but it has been an expensive frustrating experience.

I Just received a whole new extruder and have it installed. I also made the first decent print off the sidewinder since I bought it early December. Thanks 3dpc!

The difference between the board is unbelievable. Board on the replacement extruder assembly looks like it was made by a professional!

The old board.


Look daylight!

lights in the shed were bad that day

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