Sidewinder X1, heat bed problems

Some have had same problems, my x1 was working very well until last week. it looks that my bed stop to heat on same side. Like a strip who stop to heat

HI Schev

If a portion of the bed has stopped heating this is generally a sign that the bed needs to be replaced.

Its due to the fact that there are many wires running through the pad that provides heat. These beds are available as a replaceable unit. I will provide the link below.

we are unfortunately out of stock right now but they are on order.


My problem wasn’t bed has stopped heating. It was the hight deformation of the hot bed.

Just a little tip if you have a leveling problem.
I brought my heating plate up to standard with a build level. And so I noticed that my hotplate was 1mm equal at the 4 corners and in the center. I bought a build pack of Overture and now adjusting my level is really easy.