Sim Racing Hardware

Designed and printed this stuff for my budget sim racing rig…

A Handbrake for rally driving…

A Tablet Holder for my dash display…

And a set of magnetic detents for the paddle shifter on my wheel…

And the whole deal together…

All done on and Ender 3V2 in PETG material. All designed and modeled in NX11.0.

This 3D printing thing has opened up a whole world of possibilities on what I can make in my basement!




Nice job! Are you going to expand to a full sit down rig? What type of racing?

It is a full sit down rig…there’s a nice comfy red leather Audi S5 seat just out of frame in that shot.

I race lots of stuff on lots of different PC based games.

F1, Indycar, Sportscars, DTM, BTCC, Vintage cars, Rally cars…you name it…pretty much anything except stock cars and oval stuff.



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@retrocrx AWESOME!

Keep it up!

My Rig (RIP) used to be bolted Angle Iron and "Power Enthusiast " seat from 1987 Shelby Daytona Z 2.2L T2. I had Saiteh Controls and Logitech G25 Wheel, Petals, Shifter

You’re making me want to build another one and get back into Dirt 3 !!

You get a like for that!

Even IndyCar on an oval is just “open wheel NASCAR”

I’ve been an official for the local sports car club for about 20 years. Sedans and open wheel classes.

Which local sportscar club?? I’ve worked on a lot of racecars over the last 20 years and spend a fair share of my time at the racetrack…

Winnipeg Sport Car Club (WSCC).

Ah…OK I’m a CASC-OR guy…

We’re affiliated with WCMA.