Simplify3D Configuration for BIQU B1

Hi, does anyone have any configuration information for the BIQU B1 using Simplify3D? The B1 is not listed in the printer list. I checked bigtreetech website, but could only find a cura configuration file.

Thank you. Alex

Since the BIQU is 235x235 bed size, 220x220 print size you can use an Ender 3 profile

My B1 will print right to the edges of the plate, but I don’t have a profile for that slicer. I made one for Prusa slicer but haven’t gotten around to using it more than once or twice. settings for build volume are 235x235x270.

Thank you for the information Logan 5 and Glen. I will try the Ender 3 profile, and see if that works. I am also fighting with the B1 prints not sticking anymore.

I had that and 90% it was air drafts and just being too cold in the room, The bed is only heated in the middle and the bed temp can be quite different around the edges where it can radiate the heat easier. The only time I’ve had trouble recently is with parts that have a lot of surface area contacting the bed and hairspray seems to have cured that. most of the time the parts are stuck down pretty well but after letting the plate cool the parts are often loose and can slide off.

Not a super fan of the BIQU flex plate, seems to be hit and miss with prints sticking. Either use some glue stick or upgrade to either the Creality 235x235 flex steel, Wham Bam 235x235 flex steel or a 235x235 silicone glass bed.

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