Site Feedback: which "site" is being referred to?

I was going to pose a question about the differences between two products on 3DPC, came to this category to post it, but then realised the inherent ambiguity.

Is this category for feedback on 3D Printing Space or feedback on 3D Printing Canada?
(and that’s a logical “or” by the way)

Hi @LEGOManiac , This section of the forum is for 3D Printing Space website/forum feedback.
Here you post suggestions on how this forum could be more beneficial. Always looking to improve! (ie. user experience, manageability, etc.)

What do you like about this forum? What don’t you like? How can we make this forum even better?

Soooo… Questions about 3DPC products… Do I just email them to 3DPC or is there a place in this forum for them?

You can email 3DPC from the “Contact” page on 3DPC’s website.