SKR E3 Turbo extruder problem

So I got a nice new SKR E3 Turbo board, but I cannot get the extruder to work properly. I have tried everything I can find online, but still no solution.

Either the extruder is horribly under extruding, or I get a Driver Error, and the printer halts.

After turning up current, turning down current, turn on Linear advance, turn off linear advance, Turn off S-curve and Deviation… Turn on S-curve and deviation…Square Wave Stepping on and Off… Steathchop, Spreadcycle, all with no results.

I tried using the E1 port and changing the pin file…same problem.

As a final try, I changed from TMC2209 to TMC2209_standalone, and I got no skipping, no grinding, no missed step and no printer halting… Just a lot of over extrusion since I have no idea what the ramifications of running in non-UART mode is on one of these board, but it would not fail in that mode. Also before I put this board in… printer ran fine. To me, this means the steppers, wires, and drivers are good… Just something to do with the setting sent to the drivers when they are running.

I know I am not the only person with this issue since many online stories about this board and the extruder stopping, and also the SKR E3 mini.

Some of the other things I have tried is the Vendors software, but it did not work with the bltouch, so no way to make sure. I used their source with the same results I am getting.

I am convinced this has something to do with the board and the Marlin software rather than a hardware issue, but at this point, I will try just about anything. :slight_smile:

Any one else with this issue, or someone that had this issue and solved the riddle, I would love to hear the solution.

Thanks Steve

A bit more info… I bumped up my current values on X,Y, and Z to 900 and I am running a test without the extruder plugged in, and my motor are staying VERY cool… Odd, at 900 they should heat up. This is a 2 day test, but if they remain cool… I may consider bumping the extruder up to 1100 or more and carefully monitor the motor. The driver is supposed to be good for 2 amp.