Slice engineering plastic repellent paint?

Has anyone used the plastic repellent paint? If so how do you find it works for you? Was it worth the effort?

I have never tried paint but I do have an E3d nozzle X, it has a ‘polyphobic’ coating that is supposed to resist plastic sticking to it. So far it seems to be working it is very clean even after 20+ prints.

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I was considering eventually upgrading to a premium hardened nozzle type so i dont need to consider changing my nozzle for a long time. I appriciate the input on the nozzle x as it was one i had in mind.

I have yet to make up my mind on it. I have been finding that it is slow to heat so when the thermistor reads a temp initially it is lower (a fair bit lower) at the nozzle. I am careful now to pre heat to the desired temp and give it a few minutes extra to come up to temp and stabilize. Not really a big complaint. It being slower to heat is slower to cool too in theory it should help to keep temps stable. I really only noticed it needs an extra few minutes to heat.


Makes sense, ive heard simmilar things about the steel and hardened nozzles. I dont currently print abrasive filaments, but may in the future, regardless i see an advantage of not needing to do nozzle changes as often, or question if i need to.

I REALLY want to Try it.

I’m going to have to buy, for Personal use at home.
During the Week i Don’t normally print Cause not home, other then eat and Sleep.

I’ll try it out for some prints this weekend :slight_smile:

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