Slicing Error (Blender)

So I am the most beginner of beginner for actually designing my own 3d models. I’ve watched a bunch of tutorials and landed on using Blender. I wanted to make a little juice box as a test and it seemed to work out well, but I had some issues with a tutorial online not warping the straw the way I wanted, so i had to import a premade straw file, but it was VERY high quality.

So i exported and sliced my .stl juice box file and… it seemed to have printed the support for the straw but then, not the straw at all.

Ive included a screenshot of my Blender model, the collections as well as how it turned out on the slicer/ how it came out in real life. Any tips are appreciated! Thanks!

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Ah! I’ve had this before in a few imported models, it could be a couple things.

Most commonly for me, it’s because my model is either only a surface model, or the walls are simply too thin to print (<0.2mm I find).

If your able to extrude the walls on the straw inwards a bit and thicken the straw that might help. Meshmixer is actually a great tool for this if blender isn’t working out it.
I wish I could give you some blender instructions, but I’m a fusion 360 user :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, welcome to the forum!

Ahhhh! Thankyou! I figured it wasn’t going to work when it didn’t really show up on the slicer but I thought I’d have a go anyways, haha!

I’ll try to extrude it, thankyou!!

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Yes welcome! Sometimes this kind of issue can be corrected by repairing the file with a slicer or mesh mixer or any other sol repair on line tool. Repair holes might work or even a slicer setting for thicken thin walls might work. It isn;t a solution but it might get you going again rather than mired in a swamp of frustration. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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