SMuFF unit for 3D printer

I recently learned about SMuFF:

When I read this and I do take into account that I am just building s Dry Box:

The SMuFF would be like an ideal way to switch filaments and to have them from the dry air in the box to the nozzle protected from ambient humidity.

But as interesting it is to me I still have a steep learning curve ahead of me about 3D printing and updating Marlin, switching boards and adapting Marlin to it.

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I just found this a few days ago and have been considering this. It started out with me seeing a 12 color MMU on tiktok and my mind was blown. It seems complicated and that alone sparks my interest. Having the option to print 3-4-5 different colors at a moments notice seems like this could be, or should be, the standard. Keeps up updated on your journey if you so chose to go down that path.