Snow on Tuesday

For forum members that live in SW Ontario we are expecting snow on Tuesday. It my fault I absentmindedly put the snow blower away this week which as we all know will make it snow. Sorry.


Hey there Loosenut,

Gotta love Canadian spring eh? In the drop of a pin it will go from the hottest day of the year to a snow storm!

Luckily I haven’t put the snowblower away yet, so I’m still good to go! For once my laziness around the house has proven beneficial!

Thanks for the warning,

Be carefull out there many have already taken their snow tires off. :rofl:

Guilty! :rofl: :raising_hand_woman:

all clear in northern bc had rain yesterday but sunny and 7 right now looking forwards to the ice mealting off to go fishing
ps just had an idea how good would it work to make fishing lures with fdm printers?

I don’t know. Are fish into 3D printing.

Dang Loosenut did you have to put that snowblower away. It is freezing here today. :rofl:

I know, my bad!

sunny and +9 in the middle of BC have a thunder front rolling in from the coast though