Software for design for iPad?

Does anyone know if there is a design software for iPad that can be use to print to 3D printer?

I just ordered my first 3D printer and starting to do research to learn.

Thanks in advance

I use Fusion 360. It has an ipad version (it has a cloud function and stand alone.) There are also mac versions for computers too. I like it and have not been modeling for too long. There are a lare amount of tutorials but I would suggest makers muse, Angus has the best basic one. Sadly he has only a few. They are a good starting point!

Sharpr3D software for iPad

Obscura 2, Trello, Pixelmator, photoshop for iPad

Not wanting to re-animate a dead thread (not sure the rules around these parts), but I wanted to second the nomination of Shapr3D as a very viable option for design on the iPad.
It is a yearly subscription, cloud based software which can be off-putting for some. There is a ‘free’ version which basically exists to let a user know if they’re going to like the software. I think you basically get to make 2 designs a month and the tools are limited. But if you’re looking to get into design and utilize the iPad and pencil, this program packs a punch!
Does it have all the bells and whistles of Fusion or Solidworks? Nope. But damn if they’re not getting closer every update. And In the 2 years I’ve been using it, I’d say you get 2 meaningful updates per year. The last thing I’ll say (as I’m sure I’m coming off as a schill haha) is Ivan and his team are super approachable both on their own forum much like this one and on the other major social platforms. And the rest of the community was super helpful when I was learning the basics.
Thought I would just throw that on here for the public record. :slight_smile:

Print on ya maniacs!