Software links for 3D printing

HI Everyone Thought I would try to start a bit of a repository. with quick links to software everyone may need to download at some point. I’m going to start it off with Pronterface.

Post a piece of software and a helpful note to get it up and running, or a neat feature it has.

Serial terminal window software, connect to your 3D printer VIA USB cable and use it to connect via the correct Serial port.

I find it easiest if I open Device manager and open “com Ports”. When you plug in your 3D printer the new com port will appear. Choose this port in the top left corner of pronterface, and click connect. You MUST have all other software using any com port closed before this software will work. Cura, Prusaslicer and so on all must be closed or it will not connect to your 3D printer.

Ugh. Doesn’t have a linux build. Couldn’t find a SNAP version of it either. I’m not savvy enough with compiling my own as I seldom have all the libraries needed and my success rate is less than 20%.

So I have 1000’s of STLs for different parts I have made and I had to go back and find one I couldn’t remember making. I thought it would be easier if there were thumbnails to find it by shape. so I found this and thought I would pass it along. It works well on my Windows machines.