Solved (I hope) - Print stuck to the bed

So the print bed on my CR10s pro v2 is Uber adhesive. I usually struggle to get prints to release without damaging them. Have tried using a raft, which does work but I want the beautiful finish printing directly on the bed gives you. So the question is… is there a trick to getting larger prints (larger meaning ones with larger surface area in contact with the build plate) to release from this build plate?

I feel your pain. I have read that Elmer’s glue sticks work both ways. On surfaces like glass, people use them to improve adhesion (although I haven’t had any problems since switching to glass), but I’ve also heard that people use it to reduce the adhesion to some build surfaces. Textured build plates work because the “micro-roughness” (for lack of a better term) of the build surface increases the effective surface area. Glue sticks fill in some of the hollows, reducing the effective adhesion surface area while being washable with water. The glue itself is also not as strong as PLA, etc. and tears off more easily.

I’ve only printed with one material where this would have been an issue: PLA-F. The “F” definitely does not mean “flexible”. I put some permanent kinks in some Creality matts trying to get that stuff off before switching to glass.

Some of my big prints on my stock v2/v3 bed were basically handles for the textured plate. I took my scraper wedged it under and gave it a smack with a rubber mallet :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. That also took some of the texture with it and damaged the bed lol.

@LEGOManiac is right, a glue stick works well as a release layer. I do a quick coating on mine, let it dry fully then print and things come off a bit easier. I’m also a big fan of the bare glass on the other side of the bed!

I think I have found a solution. I let the part and bed cool to room temperature and then I turned on the bed and heated it to 80 degrees. That softened the part a little and then I used an OLFA knife with the blade fully extended to slide between the bed and part and that gave me enough leverage to lift it enough to slip the scraper under and gently pry around until it all let go. No damage to the bed or the part :+1:

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