Some great Forum page stats for eveyone to know

HI Everyone, for those new and old to our forum I would like to say welcome and I am glad you are here.

I generally have a look at the web stats of our forum to see how things are going and I thought I would share some stats over the last month.

We have over 1600 registered users on our forum.

We are usually hitting between 20 and 40 new signups a month

We got between 800 and 1300 Page views a day.
If you include crawlers this goes to almost 2000.

This is only possible due to everyone being a user and just want to say we appreciate you.
If you are a member of other forums pass the word on. I am going to pull some additional stats and dig into what is the most viewed and what comes up most in the search engines. Keeping it relevant and helpful is the most important for me.