Someone gave me a Kingroon KP3

I recently acquired a Kingroon KP3 printer.
It needed some TLC as in screws missing and adjustments.

It works but prints somewhat sloppy IMO.

Having a look at the overall construction I found the acrylic base to be somewhat flexible so I made an aluminum one at work. Time to assemble it and get a few items to see if this printer is keepable for little items that don’t require too much precision.

Needs some new V Groove wheels as the ones on it have flat spots and a new print bed removable sheet. Will probably get the spring steel instead of the foamy like stock one.

Let’s see how well I can get it to print.

Pics: Acrylic base, aluminum plate, aluminum plate painted and printer before disassembly.

It’s not a bad little printer. I picked one up used. Once I disassembled then reassembled properly, put on a Creality hotend, .6 hardened nozzle and flex steel plate, it prints really nice. I use mine to print wood filament for my props.

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I find it’s hotend heats up really fast. I wonder if it’s original.

Where did you get the steel plate?

Actually a buddy of mine had the plate from a printer he didn’t have anymore. Gave me the plate (PEI). It’s an odd size, it’s bigger than the Kingroon bed but not Ender 3 size (235x235).

Does your x axis have vertical wobble, worse after going +45mm in Z ??