Someone's looking for a used car?!

Hello! :stuck_out_tongue:

Tought you would like to see my latest hotwheels diorama!

Clyde’s Used Cars… :stuck_out_tongue:

Made two versions: One with the classic dealer flags all around, and the other one with a LED string instead to be able to be open at night… :laughing: :rofl:

Hope you like this one too!! :slight_smile:


Again, nicely done. Out of curiosity, what do you use for modelling software?

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The freaking most expensive software possible… :sweat_smile:
I use Autodesk Inventor. Because i’m a self-employed mechanical designer/draftsman/product developper i have no choice. Better compatibility with my customers. In this business almost everything is done on SolidWorks or Inventor… So each month i make a small BMW payment to Autodesk… :laughing: :rofl: :man_facepalming:


Total has 6 cars, It’s color amazing. Nice design!

@Pa1 , I pray for you, cannot imagine the licensing costs on that.

Funny enough though a customer brought in a print to the store the other day, I took a look at it and recommend print changes for quality.

I thought it may be you but he said he bought it off cults, It was your print-in-place house you did a while ago. Was actually kinda cool to see others buying your designs. Keep up the good work

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Hi Jason!

Nice to hear that!!! :star_struck: I am making my way, slowly, through the jungle of 3d printing designers! :sweat_smile: Its everything but easy­… lol…

I’m missing some time to post here, but i’ll try to fix that… I’m missing you guys and all the forum content!!

I’ll be back soon! Thanks for the good words!!! I really appreciate!