Sonic Pad Config

My Ender5 Plus and Sonic pad was working seamlessly until I got the Nov. 7 Update for the Sonic Pad since then I has been down hill. Is it possible the update of Nov. 7 was Faulty ???

It all started when a message came up on the screen saying that a new version was available so I said OK after the download then I got a message

saying that a new update was available For my Ender 5 Pro so I accepted then I got the download. the halfway through a print the machine froze.

After series of error messages I ordered a new Motherboard I got a sub version V4.2.7 which replaces the V4.2.2 but my Sonic Pad dose not support

the V4.2.7 board The Sonic Pad dose support the Ender3 Pro using the V4.2.7 But I would have Reverse wire all three Axis to run it as a Ender3 Pro

I tried it it dose work. I have not reinstalled the original V4.2.2 board portably it was OK Just needed a New Flash.

so much For All this verbal diarrhea.
I have no problems with the Sonic Pad My complaint Is if Ender is introducing a new Board they should
notify or publish a memo stating they made a change so they don’t create so much confusion. this has cost me a lot of money and time as I am sure many other people have had the same experience