Sonic Pad Firmware repair

So I managed to install an older firmware in my Sonic Pad and fix the brick a firmware update had made. I think a firmware update glitched during install and while everything seemed to work it froze on the screen where you click the final print button to print. Normally it would then go to the the screen that shows during the print process but in this case it just sat on the previous screen where I clicked print.
I managed to find a way to install an older firmware and fix it which turns out was no small feet. This is how I fixed my Sonic Pad.

After spending hours searching the internet it seemed that there was no way to reverse an update so you can fix bad firmware but I was determined and kept looking around. Hours later I eventually found a Youtube video that seemed to say you can and I followed it’s instructions to success.

First is a link to the Video.

Sonic Pad “Burn Mode” Tutorial

In the description of the video you can find a link to the Github site where you can download everything you need. Software and an older Firmware.

To download the ZIP file do the following.
Notice the green button with the word “Code” in it.

Click on it to pop up a menu of choices.

Notice the last choice “Download ZIP”.
Click on it and you will download everything you need.

Save the ZIP file in a unique folder for this task, I named mine Sonic Pad Repair.

Now unzip the zip file you just downloaded.

I use 7Zip to do this. Point at the file to unzip and click the right mouse button once. Then point at 7Zip to see more options. Click the option that will create a folder using the zip files name. This will put the unzipped files in a folder using the file name and keep things organized.

In these unzipped files you will find more zip files, unzip them all one at a time using the same right mouse button method and save them within unique folders.
Do this for each Zip file so you can keep things organized.

Both the software you need (Phoenix Suite) and an old firmware file can be found in this Github download. The program is portable so there is no need to install it.

Go to the video and follow it carefully making sure you have a good connection to the Sonic Pad.

The USB Cable required is simply a standard USB-A to USB-A Cable and not a special one.

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I thanked the person who made this available and this person really appreciated it. I also subscribed to the site to find other helpful videos. It would be nice if we all did the same, it helps people like this keep up the good work.

Hope this helps others as it has helped me.

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